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Case study 21 Jun 22

Size and diversity in sports governance

News 26 Apr 22

Deakin Symbiosis Women Entrepreneurship Research Alliance

A new alliance is empowering women entrepreneurs in India and Australia.

News 14 Sep 21

Ministers reinforced the importance of global collaboration

The story highlights the government recognition to research collaborative efforts between India and Australia

News 03 Sep 21

Apply for a GYA membership before 15 September 2021

Applications are sought from young, independent scholars who combine the highest level of research excellence with a demonstrated passion for delivering impact.

News 25 Aug 21

Caste and cricket: how celebrities enable inequality

India’s caste system is a millennia old hierarchy that has helped to create deep inequalities. Celebrities who flaunt their caste identity can end up further promoting and enabling this inequality.


Research overview: Social welfare & inclusion

Research overview: View key information for Australian and Indian social welfare & inclusion researchers. This overview covers relevant institutions, current policy, research opportunities and more.
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Case study 29 Jun 21

Understanding and Addressing Catastrophic Health Events in India

News 11 May 21

Youth, waiting and action during Covid-19

COVID-19 has pitched many young people into limbo. But waiting can be the seedbed for new social action, and young people are responding actively and creatively to bewildering change.

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