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India-Australia Relations: Evolving Polycentric World Order

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To most perceptive observers world politics is currently witnessing two conflicting trends: first, no one state is in a position to deal with global challenges, be it economic or military security; and second, neither there is scope for any collective global initiative because the number of stakeholders and players on the global arena is significantly on the rise.

Against this background, emergence of the Indo Pacific as a new geostrategic construct or constellation is perceived as yet another evidence of a rapidly changing multipolar global order the salience of which is as much commended as it is intensely contested.

Well-conceived and structured, the book titled India-Australia Relations: Evolving Poly-centric World Order is a purposive academic venture by a group of young and perceptive scholars of India and Australia. The prime objective of this enterprise is to focus and fathom the unfolding strategic contours of the Indo-Pacific region and its ramifications for the evolving bilateral relations between India and Australia—the two major powers of the region.

Based on in-depth research and analysis, this edited book brings to fore, among other sub-themes of contemporary relevance, the incipient policy postures of the major stakeholders of the region as well as the implications of the policy overtures of these powers towards the constituents of the Indo-Pacific region.

Rich bibliographical sources at the end of the book provide access to detailed references to current literature and critical analysis for researchers working on the rapidly changing dynamics of the region. This book is a valuable additional reader for policy-makers and scholars as well as students engaged in study and analysis on contemporary developments in the Indo-Pacific region.


- Analysis of new strategic order and uncertainties

- Assess shifting strategic dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region and underline implications for Australia and India

- Evaluate Australia-India relations from different perspectives:

  • convergence of security and strategic interests
  • regional and maritime security
  • South China Sea dispute
  • East Asian security

- Potential for joint leadership in the Indo-Pacific region

Funding partners

Macquarie University and Indira Gandhi National Open University