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Institution Established Location Expertise QS World University Rankings (2021)
Australian Catholic University 1991 Sydney Multidisciplinary 34
Australian National University 1946 Canberra Multidisciplinary 1
Bond University 1987 Gold Coast Multidisciplinary 22
Carnegie Mellon University 2006 Adelaide Multidisciplinary 39
Central Queensland University 1967 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 29
Charles Darwin University 2003 Darwin Multidisciplinary 31
Charles Sturt University 1989 Bathurst Multidisciplinary 35
Curtin University 1966 Perth Multidisciplinary 13
Deakin University 1974 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 16
Edith Cowan University 1991 Perth Multidisciplinary 30
Federation University of Australia 1870 Victoria Multidisciplinary 37
Flinders University 1966 Bedford Park Multidisciplinary 23
Griffith University 1971 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 18
James Cook University 1961 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 25
La Trobe University 1964 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 21
Macquarie University 1964 Sydney Multidisciplinary 12
Monash University 1958 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 6
Murdoch University 1973 Perth Multidisciplinary 28
Queensland University of Technology 1989 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 14
RMIT University 1887 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 15
Southern Cross University 1994 Queensland Multidisciplinary 33
Swinburne University of Technology 1908 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 20
The University of Adelaide 1874 Adelaide Multidisciplinary 8
The University of Melbourne 1853 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 3
The University of Newcastle 1951 Newcastle Multidisciplinary 11
The University of Queensland 1909 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 5
The University of Sydney 1850 Sydney Multidisciplinary 2
The University of Western Australia 1911 Perth Multidisciplinary 7
Torrens University 2012 Brisbane Multidisciplinary 40
University of Canberra 1967 Canberra Multidisciplinary 24
University of Divinity 1910 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 42
University of New England 1938 New South Wales Multidisciplinary 36
University of New South Wales 1949 Sydney Multidisciplinary 4
University of Notre Dame Australia 1989 Western Australia Multidisciplinary 41
University of South Australia 1856 Adelaide Multidisciplinary 17
University of Southern Queensland 1967 Queensland Multidisciplinary 32
University of Sunshine Coast 1994 Queensland Multidisciplinary 38
University of Tasmania 1846 Tasmania Multidisciplinary 19
University of Technology, Sydney 1988 Sydney Multidisciplinary 9
University of Wollongong 1951 Wollongong Multidisciplinary 10
Victoria University 1916 Melbourne Multidisciplinary 27
Western Sydney University 1989 Sydney Multidisciplinary 26

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Institution Established Location Expertise
US Studies Centre 2006 Sydney US-Australia Relations
Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies 1991 Sydney Transport and Logistics
Key Centre for Women's Health 2000 Melbourne Women's Health
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy 1990 Kingsley Economic Policy
Strategic and Defence Studies Centre 1966 Canberra Defence and Strategic Policy
Social Policy Research Centre 1980 Sydney Social Welfare
International Energy Centre 2011 Brisbane Energy
International Water Centre 2005 Brisbane Water
Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research 1962 Melbourne Economics and Social Affairs
Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering 1983 Sydney Engineering
Western Australia Policy Forum 2007 Western Australia Public Policy
Development Policy Centre 2010 Canberra Public Policy
East Asian Bureau of Economic Research 2006 Canberra Economic Research

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Think tanks

Institute Established Location Expertise
Australian Institute for International Affairs 1933 Canberra International Affairs
Australian Strategic Policy Institute 2001 Canberra Defence and Strategic Policy
Australia China Relations Institute 2014 Sydney Australia China Relations
Beyond Zero Emissions 2006 Melbourne Climate and Environment
Centre for Independent Studies 1976 Sydney Public Policy
Centre for Policy Development 2007 Sydney Economy and Government
Climate Institute Australia 2005 Sydney Climate and Environment
CSIRO 1916 Canberra Scientific Research
Grattan Institute 2008 Melbourne Public Policy
Institute for Economics and Peace 2008 Sydney Economics and Peace
Institute for Regional Security 2014 Kingston Regional Security
Lowy Institute 2003 Sydney Multidisciplinary
Menzies Foundation 1979 Melbourne Multidisciplinary
Refugee Advocacy Network 2016 Melbourne Refugees
The Australia Institute 1994 Canberra Multidisciplinary
Per Capita 2007 Melbourne Equality and Democracy
The McKell Institute 2012 Sydney Public Policy
Committee for Economic Development of Australia 1960 Melbourne Economic Policy
Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences 1945 Canberra Agriculture
Australian Institute of Criminology 1973 Canberra Crime and Justice
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 1987 Canberra Health and Welfare
Australian Institute of Family Studies 1980 Melbourne Family Wellbeing
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission 1986 Sydney Human Rights
Productivity Commission 1998 Melbourne Microeconomic Policy
George Institute for International Health 1999 Sydney Global Health
National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre 1987 Sydney Drugs and Alcohol
Australia Centre for Education Research 1930 Canberra Education
Institute of Public Affairs 1943 Melbourne Public Affairs
The Sydney Institute 1989 Sydney Public Policy
Page Research Centre 2003 Australia Rural Policy
Chifley Research Centre 1890 Canberra Public Affairs
Menzies Research Centre 1994 Canberra Public Affairs
Mannkal Economic Education Foundation 1997 Subiaco Public Policy
The Green Institute 2008 Canberra Green Politics and Education
National Centre for Climate Restoration 2014 Melbourne Climate and Environment
Evatt Foundation 1979 Sydney Social Justice and Democracy
HR Nicholls Society 1986 Victoria Economic Policy

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Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Institution Established Location
Act for Peace–National Council of Churches Australia (NCCA) 1994 Sydney
Action on Poverty 1968 Sydney
ActionAid Australia 1972 Surry Hills
Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) 1956 Macquarie Park
Anglican Board of Mission Australia (ABM) 1850 Sydney
Anglican Overseas Aid 1988 Collingwood
Australian Doctors International (ADI) 2000 New South Wales
Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) 1950 Albury
Australian Red Cross (ARC)* 1914 Melbourne
Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) 1985 Sydney
Burnet Institute 1986 Melbourne
CARE Australia 1987 Melbourne / Canberra
Caritas Australia 1987 Sydney
CBM Australia 1908 Box Hill
ChildFund Australia 1985 Surry Hills
CUFA 1971 Sydney
Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) 1982 Surry Hills
Family Planning NSW (FPNSW) 1926 Ashfield
Habitat for Humanity Australia 1976 Sydney
International Needs Australia (INA) 1982 Vermont
International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) 1985 Melbourne
Marie Stopes International Australia (MSIA) 2000 Melbourne
Mary Mackillop Today 1867 Sydney
Motivation Australia 2007 Aldinga
Opportunity International Australia (OIA) 1970 Sydney
Oxfam Australia 1953 Carlton
PLAN International Australia 1937 Melbourne
Quaker Service Australia (QSA) 1940 Stanmore
Save the Children Australia (SCA) 1919 Melbourne
TEAR Australia 1971 Subiaco
The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) 1992 Sydney
The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) 1874 Victoria
Transform Aid International 2013 North Ryde
Union Aid Abroad–APHEDA 1984 Sydney
UnitingWorld 1977 Sydney
WaterAid Australia 2004 Melbourne
World Education Australia Limited (WEAL) 2003 Sydney
World Vision Australia (WVA) 1966 Melbourne
UNICEF Australia 1966 Sydney
WWF–Australia 1978 Sydney
Australian Himalayan Foundation (AHF) 2002 Sydney
Global Mission Partners 1942 Torrensville
International Nepal Fellowship (INF) Australia 1952 Chatswood
MAA International 1989 Yagoona
Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) 1927 Melbourne
Salvation Army International Development (SAID) 1880 Sydney / Melbourne

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Institution Established Location Expertise
Susan Bell Research 1994 Sydney Multidisciplinary
National Field Services 1985 Sydney , Melbourne Multidisciplinary
The Minter Group 1981 Sydney Market Research
Commonwealth Bank 1911 Sydney Economic Research
Commonwealth Serum Laboratories 1916 Melbourne Biotech
BHP 1885 Melbourne Multidisciplinary
Wesfarmers 1914 Perth Agriculture
Macquarie Group Limited 1969 Sydney Multidisciplinary
Telstra 1975 Melbourne Telecommunications

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Institution Established Location Expertise
Roy Morgan 1941 Melbourne Multidisciplinary
Deloitte 1845 Sydney Multidisciplinary
IBIS World 1971 Melbourne Multidisciplinary
BIS Sharpnel 1964 Sydney Multidisciplinary
Ernst & Young 1998 Sydney Multidisciplinary

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