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What each research theme tells us

The ARCH-India research themes were developed under the guidance of the Australian Department of Education and represent sectors identified as priority sectors in the bilateral relationship. The information provided is not intended to be comprehensive or all-encompassing but aims to give a short overview of that sector by summarising each country's profile, respectively including information on world rankings, relevant policies, governing bodies and key institutions, as well as examples of existing partnerships or research collaborations between India and Australia.

    Approach to format and content development

    The content explored under each research theme was based on the following premises:

    • Bilateral relevance: The list of research themes is not intended to be exhaustive but highlights sectors identified as government priorities and presenting opportunities in the bilateral relationship. The selection is therefore indicative of possible government support in these areas with grants or funding and evidenced by case studies or already existing collaboration projects.
    • High level: The content is primarily designed to cater to researchers with expertise in their field (PhD / Post-PhD) seeking to understand the framework, research environment and research opportunities in the other country.
    • Standardised template: A standardised template was used to ensure consistency across all research themes, presented in a format that facilitates navigation to information located elsewhere on the website.
    • Neutral: The content is intended to be objective, abstaining from any remarks or commentary.

    Explore ARCH-India research areas

    Explore ARCH-India research areas to see key statistics across broad areas of focus shared between Australia and India.