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Australian-Indian research collaborations in humanities


A new report identifies India as one of the most promising countries in Asia for collaboration in the humanities.

The two-volume report published by the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Australian-Asian Research Collaborations in the Humanities: Mapping the Present, Planning the Future outlines current and future opportunities for humanities research collaboration between Australia and select Asian countries, including India.

The contents can support both researchers and policy makers to make evidence-based assessments about emerging opportunities for engagement with partners across the Asian region. The first volume of the report outlines 12 opportunities to boost collaboration, including growing research networks, a collaborative humanities data collection process, and recognising the vital role that diaspora researchers play in leading international collaborations.

It also includes a chapter exploring humanities research in India. Written by the Australia India Institute's Brigid Freeman and introduced by National University of Singapore's Professor Robin Jeffrey, the chapter covers humanities research policy, funding and incentives, international engagement and more.

India's predominant use of English in higher education settings, emerging strengths in digital, environmental and public humanities, and investments made through its Scheme for the Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (prior to COVID-19), make it an ideal country for collaborations in the humanities.

The report was commissioned by the Australian Academy of the Humanities and funded by the Australian Research Council. Download volume one and volume two.  

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