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Deakin Symbiosis Women Entrepreneurship Research Alliance

Deakin University, Australia and Symbiosis International University have partnered to create a new research alliance empowering women entrepreneurs in India and Australia.

The Women Entrepreneurship Research Alliance (WERA) seeks to lead the way in efforts to address the gender imbalance of entrepreneurs in both academic and non-academic sectors. The joint initiative will undertake research, program evaluations, capacity building, and policy advocacy to support women on their journey.

Areas of research, include:

  • Women entrepreneurs in developing and transitional economies
  • Career trajectories of women entrepreneurs
  • Indigenous women entrepreneurs
  • Women entrepreneurs and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurial identity of women entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial resilience of women entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial motivation of women entrepreneurs
  • Women entrepreneurs and access to capital
  • Women in start-up teams
  • Gender dynamics of co-founder teams

WERA will work closely with both government and industry to create collaborative relationships that support entrepreneurial activities.

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