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Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur



(30/07/2021- Excerpt from Institution website)


Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, fondly referred to as IITKGP by its kin, started its journey with 224 freshmen, 42 teachers and 10 departments in the old Hijli Detention Camp in Kharagpur, where some of the country's greatest freedom fighters toiled and sacrificed their lives for India's independence. IITKGP today is a confluence of multidisciplinary courses, an engine of academic and corporate research, a thriving hub of entrepreneurship and an enabler of best-in-class placement.

Today: There are 42 academic units, 11500 students and 650 full-time faculty members. The past seven decades have continually witnessed new and pioneering developments at IITKGP: expansion from core engineering and basic sciences to architecture, management, law, medical sciences and the liberal arts; introduction of interdisciplinary studies in enterpreneurship, climate change, infrastructure design, quality, energy and the science of happiness; and collaboration with the best institutes in India and the world

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