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Development Alternatives, India

Non-government Organisation (NGO)


(19/07/2020- Excerpt from institution website)

Development Alternatives aims to influence policy towards sustainability by connecting policy with practice of the ground. Our work span across issues of sustainable consumption and production, inclusion and climate change resilience. We have been involved with development and implementation of Agenda 2030 - Sustainable Development Goals at global, regional and national level. Our work is based on principles of green and circular economies.

Key focus areas of our work includes sustainable agriculture, farmers' institutions, construction and green building materials, urban cities and resource flows, climate adaption and finance. DA strives to influence the decision makers and policy makers by demonstrating sustainable solution at scale through its work, primarily in Bundelkhand region. Through connecting practice with policy, DA builds a systemic, collaborative and integrate approach to break silos created by the fundamental disconnects in macro-level policies and programmes.

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