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About the ARCH-India Mentorship Program

The ARCH-India Mentorship Program is an integral part of the hub, assisting early career researchers and scholars interested in establishing new bilateral research links in both Australia and India to reach out to senior and more experienced researchers to get their help and guidance on establishing relationships and initiating collaboration.

  • Mentorships can vary between shorter contact hours (e.g. introducing mentees to institutions or other researchers) or longer contact hours (e.g. guidance in research activities covering several hours). Mentors will indicate on their profiles how much assistance they can lend.
  • Applicants are not guaranteed their nominated mentor.
  • All mentors are undertaking this program on a volunteer basis. Please respect their generous offer of time by remaining courteous to mentors and any others they may introduce you to as professional contacts.  

How to apply

1. If you wish to preference a mentor, search through our list of mentors for a preferred mentor

2. Read over the ARCH-India Terms of Use & Community Guidelines.

3. Apply for the ARCH-India Mentorship Program. Applicants will need to supply an Expression Of Interest among other details. (Note: It's recommended you fill out your profile page so mentors know who they're contacting!)

4. If you are successful and mentors have capacity, a mentor will contact you regarding your application and mentorship.

Each mentorship is unique to the mentee and mentor. Keep in mind mentors are donating their time, and to be respectful and fostering of the networks and research activity that takes place.


Applications for the ARCH-India Mentorship Program are open year-round. 

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