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What is ARCH-India?

The Australian Researcher Cooperation Hub India (ARCH-India), established in 2021, supports researcher engagement between India and Australia. Its primary aim is to strengthen and increase bilateral research collaboration and showcase the research excellence of both countries. 

ARCH-India serves as an online platform for researchers to connect expertise, build relationships, share information, and explore opportunities for collaboration and mobility.

Objectives of ARCH-India

  • Increase the number of Australian and Indian researchers that are collaborating with one another  
  • Identify major sources of funding that can facilitate that research  
  • Increase awareness of research strengths of both countries  
  • Diversify the reach of Australian and Indian research institutions to a wider network  
  • Increase mobility of research students between both countries 

ARCH-India was formally launched at the Australia India Ministerial Education Council in August 2022, following the early-access launch in August 2021. 


The Australia India Institute would like to sincerely thank the members of the Steering Committee, Mentors and Expert Reviewers of the research areas, for their time, support, and commitment to the ARCH-India project and initiative.

ARCH-India is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education and the Australia India Institute.


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